Using Silverlight in Windows 10

Ascended Master Library currently uses the Silverlight plugin. Unfortunately, Silverlight is not supported in the Microsoft Edge browser or the Firefox browser but it is supported in the Internet Explorer desk app browser. You will need to install the Silverlight plugin when you run the Internet Explorer browser if it is not already installed.

To find the Internet Explorer desk app click on the circle in the upper right hand corner of the Windows 10 screen. The image to the right shows what to click to search.

Type Internet Explorer at the bottom of the search area and you should get a "Best match" that is Internet Explorer Desktop app as shown in the image at right.

You will probably want to put the Internet Explorer Desktop app in your Start menu and taskbar. To do this right mouse click on Internet Explorer as shown to the right.

When you right click on Internet Explorer Desktop app in the search results you will get a menu. Click on "Pin to Start" so that the application will show up on the Start screen. Then click on "Pin to taskbar".

NOTE: When you want to run Ascended Master Library you need to click on the Internet Explorer desktop app and NOT the Edge browser.

This image shows what your start screen might look like after pinning the Internet Explorer app. Both the Edge browser tile and the Internet Explorer tile are shown.

As you can see, the Internet Explorer tile has a blue lower case "e" with a gold band while the Edge browser tile is more stylized.

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