Ascended Master Library

Over 12,000 audio files, more than 4000 hours, of ascended masters teachings delivered by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet and published by The Summit Lighthouse

Available for purchase on audio CD or MP3 CD and for download to play on your MP3 player, Android device, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac or PC without restriction 24/7!

  • Nearly 800 lectures by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet on angels, auras, healing and more,
  • Over 1700 dictations by the ascended masters on the spiritual path and how to attain your mastery
  • Samples of two landmark lectures, two carefully chosen dictations and a fiery decree session you can listen to FREE.
  • Spiritual songs to the angels, ascended masters and hierarchs of the nature kingdom, Violet flame, protection and healing decree services for your devotions, chakra alignment, karma balancing, aura cleansing and anchoring peace on the planet!

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