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The Gold Mine Is Here
  • Over 1300 lectures by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet on angels, auras, healing and more
  • Over 4100 dictations by the ascended masters on the spiritual path and how to attain your mastery
  • Spiritual songs to the angels, ascended masters and hierarchs of the nature kingdom, violet flame, protection and healing decree services for your devotions, chakra alignment, karma balancing, aura cleansing and anchoring peace on the planet!
  • Search by ascended master, date, category and more
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The Archives
The archives at our headquarters in Montana include reams of transcripts and audio- and videotapes of dictations and teachings that both Messengers have given from 1952 to the present.

The Ascended Masters have delivered thousands of dictations through their Messengers. These dictations hold the keys to the New Age. Therefore, let those who would delve deeply into the mysteries of God ponder the truths that are to be found therein. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten you as you study our teachings.
Saint Germain - March 23, 1996

NEW!   AML Streaming!

Instantly listen to any dictation, lecture, song or decree!

$10 per month, $5 per month for Keepers of the Flame.
If you are a Keeper be sure to log into the store to get the discount.
AML Streaming does not work in the Safari browser on a Mac.

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Keepers of the Flame ®

Many of the lectures and dictations are restricted to Keepers of the Flame.
For more information see the new Keepers of the Flame website

Pearls of Wisdom ® Online Search
Pearls of Wisdom Online Search

The Pearls of Wisdom, published by The Summit Lighthouse since 1958, contain teachings of the ascended masters released to Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The online Pearls search page allows you to search the Pearls by date, ascended master and key words. If a Pearl has an audio version, then there will be a link back to this site, Ascended Master Library, where you can purchase the audio file.

Ascended Master Encyclopedia
Ascended Master Encyclopedia
Here you will find a wealth of information about:
  • the ascended masters and their teachings
  • metaphysical and esoteric concepts
  • spiritual insights into historical and social issues

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