How To Study the Teachings

Here is some advice from the ascended masters on how to study the teachings.

Precious ones, when you have entrusted to you the illumination for an age, it behooves you to study, to learn, to carry with you the sayings of the masters, to have your little cassette tape recorder * and to punch that button and to hear those tapes whenever you have a spare moment.

PoW Vol. 20 No. 21 – Victory
* Today the equivalent of a cassette tape recorder is your phone or tablet. With an AML subscription, you can play the teachings on your phone.

“We have no time to study, Lord.” I say, rise fifteen minutes early and with full concentration upon my Teaching take one of my books. Read for fifteen minutes. Carry that book with you and remind yourself of what you read. Embody it for the day. A morsel will suffice for the divine alchemy. Where there is no morsel I, then, have nothing to multiply, no wavelength of meditation whereby to enter.

Neglect not, beloved, for in days in the future and in the hereafter salvation is far, far more difficult than in the Eternal Now. The tools are before you. Let them not rust upon the bench.

PoW Vol. 31 No. 48 - Jesus Christ

And inasmuch as all of you cannot read all of the Teachings or listen to all of the dictations, I suggest that you divide them up amongst yourselves so that when you take the staff as a whole and the larger Community as a whole there will be experts on certain years of Teachings, certain Masters and certain subjects, whereby the whole may be held in the heart one by one, some providing this portion, some another, and sharing it gladly with one another.

PoW Vol. 33 No. 35 - El Morya

It is a lack of organization on the part of the students as they approach the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood. A lack of organization of time, first of all, in which to study, and then in studying, a lack of organization of the principles that are released.

I would encourage you, then, to set aside a time each day for reading and for study. I would also encourage you to outline your studies, to make note of necessary points which you realize are lacking in your own comprehension or those specifics which you desire to apply.

It is not enough to listen to dictations or even to ponder the words of the Masters if you cannot fit the teaching of the Law within the framework of the higher vision, the scope of the Ascended Master’s own consciousness when he gave that instruction. Therefore, when you hear a dictation, you are just beginning. Then you must determine why that dictation was given at a particular time according to the cycles of the year, the cycles of birth, the cycles of mankind’s karma, and what the energy release, the potential of that energy as well as the instruction, is calculated to do to avert the precipitation of those karmic cycles, both individually and on a planetary scale.

PoW Vol. 16 No. 11 - Lady Master Leto

Will you not, then, first and foremost take up the study of all of my dictations [which I have released] even through these two disciples, your Messengers?  Will you not search them to discover the keys of this age that is known in some quarters as “the Age of Maitreya”?  Then will you not see that all others [of the spiritual hierarchy] who have released by the Holy Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood the vast Teaching set forth have also been my Messengers–the Ascended Masters, the angelic hosts?

Can there not be even a treasure mapping of these teachings? 

PoW Vol. 31 No. 57 - Lord Maitreya

Beloved ones, all of this is the lie that we have not provided you and this organization with sufficient material to create such an abundance, such a release of Light to the co-workers as for the building of the entire Inner Retreat.

The gold mine is here. It does not have to be sought and found. There is no need for merchandising in the marts of the world. There is a need for intense practicality in the presentation and packaging of the most interesting information and subjects and lectures and sermons that are going forth on the planetary body at this time.

PoW Vol. 29 No. 21 – Saint Germain

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